On budget

Holden Kingswood

1969 HT Kingswood

Regular readers of this column know that I always do my best to steer clear of politics.

After all this is the “motoring column” and I’m not Andrew Bolt.

But it’s been difficult since the Federal Budget to think about anything else and in particular its impact on those that I regard as vulnerable and less fortunate. Read More »

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It’s only been a few weeks since my partner’s beloved grandmother passed away.

She’d been known to all as “Granny” for 50 years and had reached the ripe old age of 108 with her faculties still totally intact.

Born in 1902 her life had spanned the terms of every Australian Prime Minister though she never involved herself with politics. Read More »

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Hold the horses

Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole

It’s been more than a quarter of a century since I was 25 years old and some of the memories of being that age are now starting to fade.

I do recall though that at 25 I’d survived my intern year and done my first appendicectomy. Read More »

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Let’s get stimulated

As we all know 48 hours is a long time in politics and I found this out the hard way last month when I took a punt and forwarded my article on the Small Business Tax Break for publication.

Even though I had observed that Treasury were revising estimates faster than patients were queuing for elective surgery, I didn’t predict the further generosity of the tax man announced in the budget on the 12th May. Read More »

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Tax time

At this time of the year many doctors are putting their financial figures together, but most of us won’t want to look at how much less we have in the superannuation account.

In a previous article we calculated that the fastest depreciating car sold in Australia (the Renault Laguna) was still out-performing the All Ordinaries Index over the past 12 months. Read More »

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Shift that flab

In 2008 we officially became the fattest nation on Earth so we all know that we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic and that its onset seems to have run parallel to our fascination with televised sport, game consoles and fast food.

Even the motoring world has had to adapt to the increasing BMI of occupants with bigger seatbelts and larger cabins in smaller cars and there’s even talk of child restraints being super-sized. Read More »

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At the limit

Holden V8 Supercar

After missing out on the Top Gear hosting job last year I thought I’d do some more work on my resume.

You see they did specify in the application forms that preference would be given to applicants with “motor racing experience” and I don’t think that they were impressed with my expertise with Scalectrix cars. And having heard that Charlie Cox has left the show I was going to give it another shot in 2009. Read More »

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Pardon my French

Renault Laguna Hatch 2.0 dCi Privelege

Sharing the same initials as a religious icon, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame regards himself as a motoring messiah.

But as well as sprouting wisdom from the mount about cars and lorry drivers, he’s also just invented a new financial indicator which closely follows other economic indices. I’ve called it the Clarkson Factor. Read More »

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Paint it black

Ford Model T

2008 looks like being a memorable year for many reasons.

For starters it’s the year that most of my colleagues decided to postpone their retirement because of the disastrous stock market crash. Read More »

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Moore’s law

Volkswagen Tiguan 103TDI

In 1965 Gordon E Moore wrote a paper called “Cramming more components onto integrated circuits” in the publication “Electronics Magazine”.

Moore was a co-founder of Intel Corporation and he hypothesized that the number of transistors on integrated circuits would keep doubling every two years. Read More »

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