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Volkswagen Golf GTI

Unlike Dreamz from Survivor Fiji I’ve decided to come clean and come straight out and admit a mistake.

Internet Survivor addicts saw that the show finished months ago and Dreamz greedily re-negged on his deal with Yau-Man and kept the Ford pickup (sorry if they still haven’t shown that on free-to-air when this is published).

Yau-Man was shocked and ratings went up when he questioned Dreamz’s manliness.

But unlike Dreamz I’ve got the gonads to admit that I was wrong not once, but twice in successive articles about “Buying a Car”.

Readers may recall that I suggested that it was unlikely that there would be any discount on offer with the purchase of a Golf GTi and I also upset a number of readers by suggesting a tempered approach to the test drive and not showing too much enthusiasm.

After a flood of emails (remember I warned them not to be too effusive) from GTi aficionados I received one email from a colleague who’d discovered that AMA members get 10% off the VW list price.

Whilst the benefits of AMA membership were never in doubt I was eager to share this information with all the doctors on my email list.

Following my contact another colleague also obtained a $2,000 reduction off the dealer delivery fee for being an AMA member and $1,000 of free extras and servicing for being a nice guy.

Seems that it’s actually OK to tell VW dealers that you’re a doctor even though a doctor of jurisprudence once told me that he’d stopped using the term because he felt it had fallen into disrepute. One could argue whether he was a real doctor anyway.

Whilst I’m fessing up I’d also like to apologize to all the New Zealanders I’ve blasphemed over the years.

You see I’ve just crossed the ditch to road test second hand Japanese cars for a future article and I did feel rather guilty about years of criticizing their culture and accents whilst I enjoyed their hospitality.

I was on my way to the ski fields of Whakapapa and Australian tourists should be warned that in NZ “Wh” is pronounced as an “F” when asking for directions.

Aware of the Aussie water shortage and with an obviously acute olfactory sense the immigration officer on arrival at Auckland airport told me that I could shower for as long as I liked in NZ and even offered to let me take a bucket of water back with me instead of my duty free allowance.

On the culinary front she boasted that New Zealand produced the best sauvignon blanc in the world in a climate that’s hardly Mediterranean.

And she told me to order scoops of chips and cups of ice cream and she reminded me that it was actually a New Zealander who invented pavlova.

New Zealand has happily let Australia adopt many of their favourite sons and daughters including Keith Urban, Holy Valance, Richard Wilkins, John Clarke, Sir Joh and even Fred Hollows.

In return Australians have generously exported the Ford Territory, Bunnings, Milan Brych and cuddly possums to enrich the native NZ fauna.

They don’t have tall poppies in New Zealand and they have even just promoted a truck driver to be their next Maori King.

They are not afraid to tattoo their faces and don’t mind admitting that their favourite colour is black.

And a country that has no plaintiff lawyers, egotistical Premiers or State governments and is still governed can’t be all that bad though they do have lots of ads on their national broadcaster and some of the worst reality television ever.

As I was leaving NZ I came across a survey for departing international tourists. Seems the government was keen to find out what we liked the most about New Zealand and this would form the basis for any future promotion.

I wasn’t surprised to see New Zealand’s natural wonders on the list, but I was a little shocked to see that a trip to The Warehouse was amongst the top ten things that international travellers liked about New Zealand (yes it’s true).

You see we don’t usually associate NZ with shopping, but The Warehouse chain started in NZ and it is “where everyone gets a bargain”.

I did notice that amongst the imported discount lines that they now have pharmacies in The Warehouse.

We Australians have so much to learn from our New Zealand cousins. I can hardly wait!

Safe motoring,
Dr Clive Fraser

For: $26K cheaper than an Audi S3.

Against: Software upgrade needed to unleash its full potential.

This car would suit: AMA Members.

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