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How many doctors does it take to change a light bulb?

BMW X5 4.4i

Anyone who has ever worked in a multi-disciplinary team will know that there are endless jokes about how many social workers, psychologists and Irishmen it takes to change a light bulb.

But as Australia heads inexorably towards a nuclear future we can feel safe in the knowledge… Read More »

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New 3 Series a tad dissapointing

BMW 320i

We have all recently witnessed the hysteria surrounding JK Rowling’s release of the sixth Harry Potter book. Copies were sealed in bank vaults and the author herself read the first chapter live to an audience world-wide.

I enjoyed a similar moment of fame when I announced to my… Read More »

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By any name, plenty of character

BMW X3 3.0si

Doctor Bill Glasson would have us believe that Australia has a doctor shortage.

He’s told us that not even the arrival of XXXXXXX,000 OTD’s or IMG’s will be enough to provide an adequate medical service to the Mum’s and Dad’s of Australia. I must disagree! If the… Read More »

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Smarter than the average car

BMW 530i

With the number of pathology tests increasing by 20% since the medical indemnity crisis began, there’s no better indication that doctors are practising increasingly defensive medicine.

Who wants to take the risk that a tired pensioner with a sore back and headaches isn’t an anaemic man with sero-negative… Read More »

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Prescription for fun

BMW Z4 3.0si

2002 was not a good year for me. It was after all the year that UMP collapsed and my accountant told me I could never own anything in my own name again. But worst of all, 2002 saw the commencement of my mid-life crisis.

I bought an electric… Read More »

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