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New Year resolution

Lexus LS 460

Most doctors have spent quite a lot of time in operating theatre tea rooms especially since workplace health and safety regulations have banned smoking there.

In a cappuccino world the theatre coffee may be only of the instant variety, but the tea room is still the best… Read More »

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Saving the planet

Lexus RX400h

Anyone who needs more proof that we humans are a wasteful lot need only to start looking in any doctor’s surgery.

Whilst I’ve already switched to long-life fluoro lighting I just can’t seem to give up my laser printer in my paperless office.

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Running on empty

Lexus GS450h

With another war in the Middle East and sky-rocketing petrol prices motorists are really feeling the pinch.

And with no prospect of peace in my lifetime and too much CO2 in the atmosphere we should all be trying to save fuel wherever possible.

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Value added?

Lexus RX350 Sports Luxury

When Toyota released the Kluger in late 2003 most buyers could have been forgiven for seeing it as just a cut-price Lexus RX330.

Both cars shared the same floor pan and engine so the seven seat Kluger was always going to sell well against the better finished… Read More »

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How much is that badge worth?

Lexus IS250 Sports Luxury

Visitors to the autobahns of Germany will immediately notice the large number of high performance prestige cars that aren’t wearing any badges.

Apparently it’s a type of reverse snobbery to order your vehicle from the factory without any form of jewellery or ID.

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Step inside the machine that goes ping

Lexus GS430

In the 1983 Monty Python movie “The Meaning of Life”, the doctors in “The Miracle of Birth” scene confidently announced that the patient was fine because the machine that went “Ping”, said so.

Such was their confidence in the machine that there was no longer any need to… Read More »

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