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It’s only been a few weeks since my partner’s beloved grandmother passed away.

She’d been known to all as “Granny” for 50 years and had reached the ripe old age of 108 with her faculties still totally intact.

Born in 1902 her life had spanned the terms of every Australian… Read More »

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Let’s get stimulated

As we all know 48 hours is a long time in politics and I found this out the hard way last month when I took a punt and forwarded my article on the Small Business Tax Break for publication.

Even though I had observed that Treasury were revising estimates faster… Read More »

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Tax time

At this time of the year many doctors are putting their financial figures together, but most of us won’t want to look at how much less we have in the superannuation account.

In a previous article we calculated that the fastest depreciating car sold in Australia (the Renault Laguna) was… Read More »

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Shift that flab

In 2008 we officially became the fattest nation on Earth so we all know that we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic and that its onset seems to have run parallel to our fascination with televised sport, game consoles and fast food.

Even the motoring world has had to adapt… Read More »

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Buying a safe second-hand car

In last month’s column we looked at the intrinsic safety of the all wheel drive Subaru Forester and some of the physics behind its five-star ANCAP safety rating. But for those of us without the cash for a new car wouldn’t it be a good idea to gather the data… Read More »

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Fuel for thought

It’s 4pm on Friday the 16th of May and I’ve seen my last patient and like many motorists I’m looking for a good deal on a full tank of fuel for the weekend.

By the time you read this you’ll be surprised to know that I’ve seen ULP as much… Read More »

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The road less travelled

Long before echo-cardiography medical students all knew that the examination of the cardio-vascular system began with an inspection of the patient’s hands.

Finger clubbing, pale skin creases and nicotine stains can all point to more pathology in the chest and calluses can tell you a lot about how much physical… Read More »

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Buying a car: Part 2

In last month’s column we took a look at the ethical (sic) behaviour and super-ego lacunae of some car salesmen. It seems they perennially rate at the bottom of the list of trusted professionals along with politicians and journalists (oops).

They frequently use the classic good-guy/bad-guy technique whereby the seductive… Read More »

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Buying a car: Part 1

After buying a house, a boat, a surgery, medical equipment, superannuation and paying off a HECS debt a car is likely to be the most expensive purchase most doctors will make. That is of course unless you have children to educate or a high maintenance ex-spouse.

The government made all… Read More »

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Oils ain’t oils

Multi-national pharmaceutical companies have been fighting a losing battle for years against fake drugs.

It seems that countries that don’t respect intellectual property or copyright have also been slow to clamp down on pharmaceutical piracy.

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