Turkish delight

Renault Megane 1.9 dCi Diesel Expression

My local Renault dealer was most apologetic when I picked up the Megane sedan for a test drive.

You see I had quizzed him about where it was made as the Redbook is notoriously inaccurate in terms of country of origin information. Read More »

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Survivor New Zealand

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Unlike Dreamz from Survivor Fiji I’ve decided to come clean and come straight out and admit a mistake.

Internet Survivor addicts saw that the show finished months ago and Dreamz greedily re-negged on his deal with Yau-Man and kept the Ford pickup (sorry if they still haven’t shown that on free-to-air when this is published). Read More »

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Buying a car: Part 2

In last month’s column we took a look at the ethical (sic) behaviour and super-ego lacunae of some car salesmen. It seems they perennially rate at the bottom of the list of trusted professionals along with politicians and journalists (oops).

They frequently use the classic good-guy/bad-guy technique whereby the seductive salesman is there to be your friend who helps you deal with that fictional nasty boss out the back, so once again be wary. Read More »

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Buying a car: Part 1

After buying a house, a boat, a surgery, medical equipment, superannuation and paying off a HECS debt a car is likely to be the most expensive purchase most doctors will make. That is of course unless you have children to educate or a high maintenance ex-spouse.

The government made all of us think twice about expensive wheels when they brought in the luxury tax threshold with a 25% percent tax on everything over $57,009 and no deductibility on the upper bit either. So in the interests of the bulk of this magazine’s readership most of what I’ve got to say is going to be about the mathematics of buying an average car under $57K. Read More »

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Saving the planet

Lexus RX400h

Anyone who needs more proof that we humans are a wasteful lot need only to start looking in any doctor’s surgery.

Whilst I’ve already switched to long-life fluoro lighting I just can’t seem to give up my laser printer in my paperless office. Read More »

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A gift from the gods

Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TDI

I always knew that a classical education would come in handy one day and that learning Latin wasn’t just about writing scripts. So when VW parked their latest Eos convertible in my driveway I instantly recalled from my ancient history days that Eos was the Greek Goddess of Dawn.

Without an understanding of the laws of astro-physics or the movement of celestial bodies the Greeks assumed that she opened the gates of heaven every morning for her brother Helios (the Sun), allowing him to ride across the sky in his chariot. The story was credible enough that the Romans re-named and adopted most of the Gods as their own and thousands of years later car companies think they’re a good bet for naming rights as well. After all if the last time the name was used it described a God, surely the public won’t mind driving a car by the same name. Read More »

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How many doctors does it take to change a light bulb?

BMW X5 4.4i

Anyone who has ever worked in a multi-disciplinary team will know that there are endless jokes about how many social workers, psychologists and Irishmen it takes to change a light bulb.

But as Australia heads inexorably towards a nuclear future we can feel safe in the knowledge that our government wants us to save CO2 by switching to energy-efficient light globes even though they won’t sign the Kyoto protocol. Read More »

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Can you tell me where it hurts?

Toyota Yaris YR

Doctors are generally in the business of relieving pain and it comes as no surprise that we also try to avoid it whenever we can. That’s why leaving that epidural in after an operation makes so much sense and why not let the patient adjust their own analgesia with a pump.

So, aware of the axiom about an ounce of prevention I’ve been working hard to avoid the pain and pitfalls associated with renting a car lately. Read More »

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A common sense convertible

Volvo C70 T5

Whilst Melbourne’s weather is notoriously changeable there was no way I could have packed for my latest road test of the recently released Volvo C70 convertible. You see the plan was to take five brand new C70’s to Mount Buller for the weekend to enjoy the scenery and to test out their handling on those winding mountain roads.

Olle Odsell, the Swedish engineer who designed the C70 would be there for Q&A and your intrepid AMA motoring writer would have a chance to unwind with my motoring colleagues. Read More »

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The best worst car ever

Leyland Marina Red Six

As many of my colleagues are taking a well-earned break right now I’ve had time to catch up with all the re-runs of my favourite television program, “Top Gear”.

I really enjoy the light-hearted banter between the hosts and I’m anxiously awaiting the return of Richard Hammond following his unfortunate 500 km/h accident whilst testing the rocket-powered car. Read More »

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